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STIHL Residential Equipment

STIHL Residential Equipment

STIHL Residential Equipment

Choose STIHL For Your Toughest Backyard Projects.

Look no further for reliable outdoor power equipment at home than STIHL. Whether you’re maintaining your landscaping, clearing grass or leaves, or simply cutting your lawn, there is a STIHL tool for you.

Check out our STIHL brush cutters, hedge clippers, lawn mowers, and more, below, or stop in to take yours home today!

Check Out Our Popular STIHL Residential Equipment:

 STIHL Blowers


Keep your yard looking pristine with a reliable STIHL blower. Designed for efficiency, ease of use, and exceptional power, you’ve got more than enough muscle to handle small urban lots as well as acres of land.

 STIHL Brush Cutters

Brush Cutters

Available in a wide range of handle variations to fit any user. Whether you’re a homeowner touching up your lawn or a landscaping professional tackling tough brush removal, there’s a brush cutter for your unique needs.

 STIHL Chainsaws


You can count on these easy-to-use, easy-to-start chainsaws for any big job. German-engineered but built in America, STIHL goes the extra step in designing models well beyond typical standards of excellence.

STIHL Drills/Augers


Engineered to stand out from the rest, combining power, portability and precision. Their gasoline-powered engines deliver the force you need, especially when electrical outlets are nowhere to be found.

 STIHL Hedge Clippers

Hedge Clippers

In gasoline, electric and battery-powered models, maintaining leafy shrubs feels less like physical labor and more like creating a work of art. Outstanding power-to-weight ratio provides superior maneuverability and power.

STIHL Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Trim with confidence using STIHL hand tools, including pruning saws, hand pruners, loppers, hedge shears and STIHL precision axes. Best of all, STIHL Precision Series hand tools feature a limited lifetime warranty.

STIHL Lawn Edgers

Lawn Edgers

Using powerful, low-emission engines, these lawn edgers help you take back your sidewalks, walkways and curbs. Add a crisp, finishing touch at home, on the job or anywhere in need of bold new definition.

STIHL Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers

STIHL mowers feature Lithium-Ion battery technology, making them lightweight, quiet and ready to run with a simple squeeze of a trigger. They produce zero exhaust emissions, making it your "green" choice.

 STIHL Lawn Vacuums

Lawn Vacuums

Each STIHL lawn shredder vacuums is actually two powerful tools in one: a powerful shredder capable of transforming the equivalent of 14 bags of dry leaves into a single bag of clippings, as well as a fuel-efficient blower.

STIHL Multi Attachments

Multi Attachments

Multiply your productivity with multi-tasking tools. Dependable, hardworking engines and universal power trains accept a variety of interchangeable attachments so you can tailor your tool to your property’s needs.

STIHL Pole Pruners

Pole Pruners

STIHL pole pruners put your highest trimming jobs within arm's reach. Their gasoline- or manually-powered models help you easily trim once-inaccessible branches and are easy to operate, easy to carry and easy to maintain.

STIHL Sprayers


Each sprayer is specially designed for your unique chores. Spray orchards or both liquid or granular materials at greater range and higher pressure. STIHL gasoline-powered backpack sprayers deliver power, comfort and ease of use.

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